FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions. For further questions: Contact details.


1. Check the power plug
2. Is the blue indicator light on the ALLDOCK charger lit?
3. Make sure the cables are in place.
4. In order to check if the USB ports are working, test them by plugging the cables.
5. Isn't it charging at all or only a single USB port?

If you have excluded these sources of error, please test another USB cable or another power plug. If it still doesn't work, please contact our customer service.

This message is caused by the cable being used, but not by the ALLDOCK. All cables on the ALLDOCK website are of high quality and MFi-certified.

However, Apple uses its own Lightning connections for its products to load or transfer data. While you can use third-party cables and accessories, they must be MFi-certified. If this is not the case with your cable, this warning appears.

Call our customer service immediately on +49 201 - 891 41 90 or send us an e-mail to info @ alldock. de.

Charging power

ALLDOCK Wireless:     up to 4 devices (max)

ALLDOCK Wireless Family:     up to 6 devices (max)

ALLDOCK Classic:     up to 4 devices (max)

ALLDOCK Classic Family:     up to 6 devices (max)

ALLDOCK One:     up to 4 devices (max)

ALLDOCK Tower:     up to 8 devices (max)

The ALLDOCK is one of the fastest chargers in the world, so to speak the turbo charger. It charges 40% faster than Apple charging stations and combines up to 6 USB ports. In addition, the ALLDOCK protects your mobile devices against short circuits and overvoltage. In addition, the ALLDOCK gives you more time for the important things in life thanks to the fast charging process.

We only install chargers with our special Alldock-IQ-technology. This smart technology not only charges your devices very fast, but also offers special protection.

The integrated circuit (IC) in our charger protects your electronic device from excessive electrical power, excessive voltage and short circuits. The circuit (IC) also identifies the connected devices and chooses the best charging method for each USB port.

It is also encased in fireproof PC material. The ALLDOCK comes with FCC, CE and SAA certification. An extra plus in safety


The bamboo variants are made of Chinese bamboo wood.
The walnut varieties are made from North American walnut.
The plastic variants are made of high quality ABS plastic.
The silver variants are made of high quality anodized aluminum.

Bamboo: China
Walnut: USA or Canada

Using the ALLDOCK

You can use your ALLDOCK with the special ALLDOCK charging cables. But if you want extra comfort when plugging and unplugging your device, you need the click-in adapter. The adapter is always available with the right charging cable in our Webshop.

Each ALLDOCK from the Classic, Wireless and One series comes pre-assembled with the Click-In Adapter. Other free slots can be extended by you as desired.

Here you can find a video tutorial: https://vimeo.com/232811956

Here you will find the assembly instructions: Assembly instructions Click-In-Adapter

Theoretically yes, BUT the use of the original charging cable from ALLDOCK is highly recommended. They are made of stronger, more resistant material and fit exactly to the adapter. Other cables are not properly seated in the docking jack and make it difficult to use.

You need the special cables from ALLDOCK for the click-in-adapter. That's why our click-in-adapters are only sold with the corresponding cable.
If you already own an ALLDOCK charging cables, feel free to contact our customer service. We can gladly offer you the adapters individually, without the corresponding charging cable.